Since 1971 our company has been specializing in sleepwear, loungewear and homewear.

Using fibers like Peruvian pima, modals, baby alpacas among others, We attend specialized Boutiques and department stores from France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

We are strong focused on prime quality.

Our experience and lengthy trajectory developing and manufacturing this apparels has allowed us to venture and succeed in the international market of Premium specialized boutiques with fabrics like Peruvian pima jerseys, pima/modals blends, fleeces, viscoses and others, which are highly appreciated in the global market reating quality collections.

Our Team

Creating quality collections

Our design team is continiously developing not only new collections , but also new fabric blends and beautiful details like hand made embroideries and laces for our clients´ private labels.

Our Clients

Focused on Premium markets (like France, Germany, UK, USA)

High quality manufacture, high end products design and devolopment.

Company reputation over the years in North, Central and South American markets.

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Sustainable Fashion

A product is created considering the environmental
and social impact it my have throughout its life cycle,
whose objective is to create harmony with the environment and people.